Making a Visual C++ v 5.0 project for compiling example Improv programs

  1. Know where the library file is located, e.g.: c:\user\craig\improv\lib\improv.lib

  2. Know where the include directory is located, e.g: c:\user\craig\improv\include

  1. open visual C++ (version 5.0)

  2. menu: file --> new --> projects --> Win 32 Console Application: give name and location, e.g.: name: program, location: c:\user\craig\improv\projects

  3. menu: build --> set active configuration --> Win 32 Release So that the program runs outside of the Visual C++ integrated development environment.

  4. menu: project --> settings --> C/C++ --> project options: add: /D"VISUAL" and /I"c:\user\craig\sig\include". The define "VISUAL" is needed to compile code specific to the Visual C++ compiler (as opposed to "LINUX" for the linux gnu C++ compiler).

  5. menu: project --> settings --> link --> object/library modules: add: winmm.lib , and down further add: /I"c:\user\craig\improv\include"

  6. menu: project --> add to project --> files: add library file: e.g.: c:\user\craig\improv\lib\improv.lib (note that you will have to change the selection filter to see the files that end in .lib).

  7. Add a program source file or create a new program file. menu: project --> add to project --> files: add program file: e.g.: c:\user\craig\improv\doc\examples\synthImprov\switch.cpp

  8. menu: build --> F7 to compile the example program.

  9. The file should now be created in the directory Release/program.exe relative the the location of the project directory. (type shift-F5 to run it while in Visual C++, or go to MSDOS window)